About Us


CrossRoads Ministry offers urban retreat experiences which invite people to be transformed through building relationships at the margins, engaging in prayer, and integrating the Gospel vision of peace and justice into their lives.


The primary goal of CrossRoads Ministry is to develop and provide new models for retreats for people using outreach and service experiences that bring to life the message of Catholic social teaching.


  • Build relationships by working together to bridge the ethnic, religious and social boundaries that divide up our city and our world.
  • Make personal connections with people in need, hearing first-hand the stories of people from different walks of life and challenging situations.
  • Experience prayerful reflection that challenges people to reach inward as they outreach to others.
  • Share the radical spirit, tradition and challenges of Catholic social teaching embodied in the stories of people who are struggling.

Size of Organization

CrossRoads is located on the campus of St. William Church. St. William is a Roman Catholic parish in the Archdiocese of Louisville, Kentucky. It is located in inner-city Louisville and has a membership of 250 households. St. William parishioners come from nearly all of the zip codes around Louisville and southern Indiana.


CrossRoads draws participants from schools and churches in the greater Louisville area in addition to delegations of people seeking inner-city immersion experiences from across the United States. We have expanded our outreach to welcome youth and young adult groups from a variety of faith traditions within and beyond Louisville. It is in the spirit of cooperation and the universal Gospel call for justice that we model for our mutual respect, compassionate action, and life-conversion.