Adrienne Poole
Meade County
My retreat at CrossRoads was the most inspiring experience I've ever had, but that would not fully explain the faith it has brought upon me.
Tiffany Pickering
Meade County Chaperone
CrossRoads has been a wonderful experience. I think I learned more about myself here in 2 days than I have learned in 32 years.
Katie Panter
St. Thomas Aquinas, St. John in East Lansing, MI
Before I came to CrossRoads, I saw the world in labels. I judged before I knew because I had never done anything else. Now I know that there's an entire story to everyone, and this small statement isn't enough to explain what has happened here. No matter what, I'll take this experience with me wherever I go.
Veronica Spaulding
Presentation Academy
CrossRoads has truly been a slowing-down, eye-opening experience. In today's life, so many of us live in such a fast-pace mentality that we don't see the things that are really in front of us. I cannot say how much this place has not only changed me, but has also been a safe haven for me through all the agencies we visited. Thank you for that: for giving me new safe havens I had never known away from home.
Madelynne Myers
Sacred Heart Academy
Thank you so much for providing me a safe haven and a call to say “yes”. My eyes were opened and the rough edges I once had, because of my ignorance, have been smoothed away. I have grown spiritually. Thank you for an amazing experience.
Matthew Boyd
DeSales High School
All of the places we went and people I talked to had an impact on my ideas and values…They taught me to look away from stereotypes that are unjust markings on a certain group of people, labels based on what the people have or do not have, the language they speak, or the color of their skin…they made me realize that no matter what a person's social status, they are still people, and worthy of the respect and love that all people deserve.
Lance Hammond
Dean of Students,
DeSales High School
Simply, one of the most special places on earth.
John Whitmore
St. Ignatius High School
Life is not a one-way street. Keep crossing your road with others.
Maria Price
Executive Director of
St. John Center
CrossRoads is hope for the future of the church…and the world.
Aaron Frazita
Youth Minister at
St. Michael Church
CrossRoads is a beacon of light in a world that often forgets those on the margins and in need of justice. A place where people come to encounter God within others and themselves. A place that challenges and calls us to be the people Christ calls all of us to be.